Software Settings

Now to make this departure board your own!

Now you have your display up and running you may want to customise it more to make it your own. Each program has multiple different settings options available, for a full list you can read the documentation website. However, most users can use the tools below to help generate their own desired settings. Find the correct tool for the program you wish to use, once you have your new command see the bottom of this page for how to alter your startup service to use your new desired settings. Tool Tool Tool Tool

Once you have your command to start the program you need to change the start up service to this new command. To do so simply SSH back into your pi. Make sure you are in the home directory by entering 'cd ~'. Then edit the script with 'nano', once there copy and paste your new command overwriting the original and save the file pressing 'ctrl +x' y and then enter. After altering the file simply write 'sudo reboot now' and let the pi turn on your new settings should now be displayed.

Extra information

If you want extra information on the settings options in all of the programs, please visit our documentation page.

That's it!

If all instructions have been followed correctly your new display should be up and running! If you need more advanced help please see our documentation. Else feel free to contact me and I'll try and help where I can.

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